NewsWatch: Goldman says Trump tariff threat ‘raises odds of further tariff escalation’ as stock market’s calm phase ends abruptly


A state of relative placidity in global markets has come to and end as President Donald Trump issued more combative rhetoric about China tariffs, prompting strategist at Goldman Sachs to increase the likelihood that international trade tensions will escalate. See full story.

How Warren Buffett does cult of personality better than anyone else

At Berkshire Hathaway’s annual meeting, his likeness is everywhere — on playing cards, shot glasses, chef’s aprons, proving he’s utterly irreplaceable as CEO of the company. See full story.

Happy birthday, Gordon Gekko: My 5 favorite quotes from the ‘Wall Street’ villain

Gordon Gekko was a bad guy in a movie released 32 years ago, and yet he is still widely quoted on Wall Street today.

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