The MarketWatch Q&A: Padma Lakshmi on the food trends actually worth your money, and the best investment she made for her daughter

Padma Lakshmi is helping young women cook up a career in food.

The “Top Chef” host, author and mom wants to give female founders a chance to win funding for their food businesses, and help close the gender gap in venture capital funding.

“It’s really kind of criminal the amount of funding that goes to women versus men,” Lakshmi, 48, tells MarketWatch, noting that female business founders only receive 2% of all VC funding.

On average, women entrepreneurs receive $1 million less in funding than men for their ventures, and despite receiving less funding, female founders produce more revenue – more than twice as much per dollar invested – than those founded by men, according to a 2018 study by Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

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