The Margin: Ocasio-Cortez jokes about her ‘tax the rich’ approach, then compares the GOP to a fictional beet-farming paper salesman

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, as part of a series of social-media messages over the weekend, defined the group she wants to see pay more in taxes as “nesting-doll yacht rich. For-profit prison rich. Betsy DeVos, student-loan-shark rich. Trick-the-country-into-war rich. Subsidizing-workforce-w-food-stamps rich.”

The New York Democrat’s tweet-storm included thoughts on this now-deleted post from Chase JPM, -0.01% earlier in the week, in which the bank implied people who spend money at coffee shops and restaurants deserved to be broke:


“It’s the idea that if you choose to have any expense beyond mere animalistic survival — an iced coffee, a cab after a 18hr shift on your feet — you deserve suffering, eviction, or skipped medicine,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote, explaining to her 4.2 million Twitter followers why it was such a bad tweet.

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