The Tell: Tesla bear wants to bet you $10,000 that Elon Musk fails to reach his goals

Former hedge-fund manager Whitney Tilson isn’t shy about his bearish outlook on Tesla TSLA, -5.22% . In fact, it feels like a bit of an obsession.

Tilson calls his decision to cover his short in 2014 “one of the biggest mistakes long or short of my investment career,” and, earlier this year, he predicted the stock would finish 2019 under $100 — so far so good on that particular vision.

Now he’s out with another anti-Tesla missive.

‘Elon’s claims are FAR from being reality.’

Whitney Tilson

“Tesla is a zillion miles from Musk’s promise of Level 5 by the end of this year and a fleet of a million robotaxis by the end of next year,” he said in an email to investors that was posted on ValueWalk.

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