Next Avenue: 11 ways to beat surge pricing

This article is reprinted by permission from NextAvenue.org.

Whether you call it dynamic pricing, surge pricing, demand pricing or time-based pricing, marketers’ maddening practice of changing prices according to demand and supply is here to stay. Long practiced in the travel and hospitality industries, this system of jacking up what you pay based on when, where or how you order has expanded to almost any event, product or service with a limited availability. But there are ways to get around dynamic pricing, if you’re savvy.

A few examples of dynamic pricing:

  • A hotel charges more for New Year’s Eve
  • Airlines and Amtrak raise rates for holiday travel or lower them at other times due to excess availability
  • Airlines and hotels notice you’ve been searching online for a particular flight or hotel, so they up the price because they know you’re a motivated buyer
  • Sports teams hike or drop ticket prices according to the day of the week, time of day, teams and players playing and competing events

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