These high-school students are taking college courses: ‘Most of us here either want to be a doctor or an engineer’

Rudy Gutierrez
Devean Reeves, foreground, takes notes on a discussion of plant life in his sophomore level biology class at Northwest Early College High School. The school’s principal says its set-up allows administrators to treat students like mini-adults.

This is the fifth in a six-part series of stories about programs that offer high-school students the opportunity to take college classes.

The series was produced with support from the Education Writers Association Reporting Fellowship program. (Read parts one, two, three, four and six).

The soothing melodies of Norah Jones wafting through a dim lit room, musings about a future as a therapist, engineer or founder of a health-care empire — these are some of the sights and sounds one might expect to find in a coffee shop or dorm room at a small liberal-arts college.

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