Why more companies are forcing employees into mandatory arbitration (behind closed doors)

An overwhelming majority of America’s private-sector workers in the next five years will have to undergo forced arbitrations to air their complaints, according to a new report.

By 2024, almost 83% or 95 million of the country’s private, non-unionized employees will be hashing out complaints like unfair pay and on-the-job mistreatment behind closed doors, according to estimates from the Economic Policy Institute and the Center for Popular Democracy released this week. That’s up from 56% or 60 million workers in 2017.

One of the EPI report’s authors, Heidi Shierholz, told MarketWatch her estimate was conservative. Companies view arbitrations in their financial best interest, said Shierholz, senior economist and director of policy at the Economic Policy Institute, a Washington, D.C.

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