The Wall Street Journal: Self-driving cars have a problem: They’re making human-driven ones safer

If you buy one of many new makes and models of car today, you might be surprised to find that, as a standard feature, it can do something your previous car couldn’t: It will take over when it thinks you’re making a mistake.

In the coming years, many cars will do more than that, even driving mostly by themselves, at least on highways. And not just luxury models such as the latest Audi A8 NSU, -0.25% or Cadillac CT6 GM, -1.00% , but something as mainstream as a Nissan Rogue NSANY, -0.93% .

Some of this technology has been in development for years, but the newest versions of it—with advanced object recognition, radar-and-laser detection and lightning-fast artificial intelligence—were created for autonomous cars.

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