Upgrade: How this couple retired to Spain’s gorgeous Andalusia region on about $40,000 a year — and you can, too

Jim and Jiab Wasserman
Jim and Jiab Wasserman.

Parades, wine and tapas are high on the Wassermans’ to-do list these days.

Indeed, when I first tried to schedule an interview with the couple — who retired nine months ago to Granada, a culturally rich college town in southern Spain, from Dallas — their response made me laugh: “It’s a big holiday here (Dia de la cruz) with parades and wine and tapas, so we will be ‘engaged.’ ”

Festivities like these — coupled with a rich local history (Granada boasts hundreds of centuries-old buildings, castles and churches, most notably the Alhambra, a breathtaking palace with Islamic decor that’s a UNESCO World Heritage site) and lots of cultural offerings including a plethora of live music and flamenco performances — compelled the couple to move to Granada.

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