Buy all the coffee and avocado toast you want — but skimp on your house and car

I’m bouncing off Kashana Cauley’s mini-rant in GQ about Suze Orman and the personal-finance “industry” in general.

The key paragraph is here:

“This past weekend, CNBC reminded us of Orman’s distaste for coffee: ‘If you waste money on coffee, it’s like peeing one million down the drain.’ Man, personal-finance experts do love shaming people for buying coffee. And avocado toast. If only we’d just stop paying for haircuts — as USA Today recently recommended — the dollars we’d save would also destroy our crushing student debt and sink the effects of years of wage stagnation, income inequality and de-unionization with it, allowing us to buy those houses we’re too broke to buy right now five minutes before we kick the bucket.

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