Women working through period cramps lose almost 9 days of productivity each year

Monthly period pain is cramping the ability of many women to do their jobs.

Netherlands scientists asked almost 33,000 women ages 15 to 45 to discuss their menstrual cycles and how their symptoms impacted their work between July and October 2017. The result: women lose almost nine days of workplace productivity on average from menstrual cramp discomfort, which is caused by uterine contractions. And just over 3% of them said that the symptoms get so severe that they stay home from work during every or almost every period.

The analysis published in the British Medical Journal found that more than 26,000 women attempt to push through the pain each month, but they are often not working at 100% — and so researchers recorded an average self-reported loss of workplace productivity of 33% on an average of 23.2 days over the year.

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