Need to Know: Why the stock market’s ‘sojourn into depravity’ is about to crush short-sellers

The second half of the year starts today, and look out above!

The Fly, the anonymous wordsmith who left Wall Street decades ago and now runs the iBankCoin blog, says we’re about to witness the “total decapitation of the shorts” thanks to the announced pause in the U.S./China trade war.

At this point, he’s not wrong. One glance at the bubbly premarket action (see “the market” below) will tell you that. “You’d be dumb to bet against this sojourn into depravity,” he wrote. “How can you short stocks when all there is is upside surprises?”

By shorting, investors borrow shares of a stock or asset they think will fall in value, but sell them immediately at today’s price.

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