Tim Mullaney: Congratulations, Tesla! But you should still fire Elon Musk

AFP/Getty Images
Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Whee! Shareholders of Tesla TSLA, +4.61% are celebrating because the company managed to make and deliver 95,200 cars in the same quarter for the first time ever. The stock is up 5% or more, CEO Elon Musk is retweeting memes about how his critics can kiss his [posterior], and the notion that the electric-car future is imminent is back.

But Musk should still be replaced as CEO. That’s not incompatible with the notion that Tesla is going to turn the corner into sustained profitability, or maybe even justify the company’s $42 billion stock valuation.

In fact, replacing Musk may be the most essential ingredient to that sustained profit and focus.

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