People are spending $500 a month to avoid their co-workers

When The Wing, a co-working space for women, opened its first location in October 2016, Nik Aliye immediately applied for a membership.

At the time, the now 27-year-old New Yorker worked in media — and her company had an office in SoHo where most of her coworkers spent their work days.

The only problem? She didn’t particularly like it.

“No natural light, super crowded, fluorescent lights, bros, the women’s bathroom didn’t have heat,” Aliye said, listing just a few of the problems she had with the workspace to MarketWatch.

Co-working spaces are typically seen as the arena of freelancers and startup founders, but now employees like Aliye are spending upwards of $300 a month on memberships to get away from their offices — and, in some cases, the people in them.

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