Upgrade: This couple retired at 31 with $1 million — Here’s exactly how much they earned, spent and saved to do it

You won’t find Kristy Shen, 36, trapped in a cubicle anymore.

In fact, these days, the former Toronto-based computer engineer — who once was so stressed by her job she’d throw up regularly — can be found traipsing the world with her husband, Bryce Leung, 37. They’re now “fully nomadic” with no home base, having hit up Thailand, where they got beachside massages; Greece, where they island hopped and dined on fresh fish drizzled in olive oil; and Amsterdam, where they glided along the cobblestone streets on bikes.

How did they make this happen? Shen and Leung, who was also a computer engineer, are part of the FIRE movement — which stands for Financial Independence, Retire Early — where the goal is to save a lot so you can retire early.

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