The New York Post: Jeffrey Epstein assets listed in financial disclosure form filed by lawyers add up to value of $559,120,954

Convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein is hardly a billionaire, according to the financial disclosure form his lawyers filed in seeking bail for him.

The single-page document had been kept under seal away from the public until the Manhattan federal judge overseeing Epstein’s sex-trafficking case released it Monday, dismissing it as “cursory.”

Epstein lists in the filing that he has:

Cash: $56,547,773

Fixed income: $14,304,679

Equities: $112,679,138

Hedge funds and private equity: $194,986,301

Properties: 9 E. 71st St., Manhattan, worth $55,931,000; 49 Zorro Ranch Rd., Stanley, N.M., $17,246,208; 358 El Brillo Way, Palm Beach, Fla., $12,380,209; 22 Avenue Foch, Paris, France, $8,672,823; Great St.

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