United Airlines and American Airlines cancel more flights as the fallout from the Boeing 737 Max grounding continues

Airlines are still being forced to cancel thousands of flights this fall as a result of the Boeing 737 Max grounding.

United Airlines UAL, +2.83% , which has 14 737 Max jets in its fleet, is cancelling flights through Nov. 3, including 2,100 flights in September and 2,900 in October. The airline has previously announced that it was cancelling flights that were set to take place with these planes through Sept. 3, which equated to around 1,290 flights in July (between 40 and 45 flights a day) and 1,900 flights in August (roughly 60 flights a day).

The company said it has worked to minimize the impact on consumers who have already booked flights by swapping the Max aircraft for other planes in its fleet.

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