Most Americans don’t support reparations for descendants of slaves, even though it’s a hot topic among 2020 candidates

The idea of cash reparations for the descendants of slaves in the U.S. remains unpopular among a majority of people, a poll released Monday suggests.

Some 67% of Americans believe the government shouldn’t make cash payments to black Americans descended from slaves, according to a nationally representative Gallup poll of 2,543 U.S. adults. Another 29% said the government should make such payments, while 4% had no opinion.

Responses from black Americans, meanwhile, painted a very different picture: 73% thought the government should pay out cash reparations, compared to 25% who said it shouldn’t and 2% who had no opinion. In contrast, just 16% of white Americans expressed support for reparations, 81% did not, and 3% had no opinion.

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