The New York Post: Marianne Williamson channels ‘Seinfeld’ and confronts ‘dark psychic force’

Getty Images
Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson (L) speaks while Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) listens during the Democratic Presidential Debate at the Fox Theatre.

Spiritual guru Marianne Williamson seemed to be channeling Elaine Benes during the Democratic primary debate Tuesday when she unleashed a “yada yada yada” on the crowd.

The self-help book author uttered the phrase, made famous by Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ character on TV’s “Seinfeld,” while answering a question about gun control — raging against politicians who take money from big companies and lobbying groups, like the National Rifle Association.

“For politicians, including my fellow candidates, who themselves have taken tens of thousands — and in some cases, hundreds of thousands — of dollars from these same corporate donors to think that they now have the moral authority to say we’re going to take them on, I don’t think the Democratic Party should be surprised that so many Americans believe yada, yada, yada,” said Williamson, 67.

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