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Key Words: Wall Street billionaire Bill Ackman says ‘hell is coming’ and urges President Trump to ‘send everyone home now’

Earlier this month, Bill Ackman made moves to protect his hedge fund’s $6.6 billion portfolio against what he predicted to be a rough stretch for markets in the face of the coronavirus spread.

The moves proved to be prescient, considering the volatility that has slammed into stocks as the number of COVID-19 cases continues to explode across the country.

Now, the Wall Street billionaire boss at Pershing Square is urging President Donald Trump to take drastic measures to tackle the outbreak head on:

He went on to tweet that there should be no defaults, no foreclosures. In fact, he says he wants to see “a 30-day rent, interest and tax holiday for all” immediately.

“The shutdown is inevitable as it is already happening, but not in a controlled fashion which is extending the economic pain and amplifying the spread of the virus,” Ackman wrote in his Twitter thread. “Please send everyone home now. With your leadership, we can end this now. The rest of the world will follow your lead. A global Spring Break will save us all.”

Without it, he warns that every day we postpone a complete shutdown “costs thousands, and soon hundreds of thousands, and then millions of lives, and destroys the economy.”

Later, Ackman went on CNBC to state his full case.

“What’s scaring the American people and corporate America now is the gradual rollout,” he said in an interview. “We need to shut it down now… This is the only answer. America will end as we know it. I’m sorry to say so, unless we take this option”

He added that if Trump succeeds in navigating this pandemic, he will get reelected.

That’s a big “If” at this point, according to Ackman, who warned “hell is coming” and revealed he went into lockdown almost a month ago in an effort to save his immunocompromised father’s life.

“The only shared sacrifice that is going on right now is the health-care community, the nurses, the doctors, the people taking care of patients. Those people are making enormous sacrifices,” he said. ”[The president] is not saying storm the beaches of Normandy right now, he’s saying go home, go home, spend a month with your family.”

Watch the full emotional interview: