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Personal Finance Daily: How Mozart is the new Kanye and the findings of a Coronavirus study on droplets caused by talking

‘I owe child support from my first marriage and did not receive a stimulus check. Does Trump not realize I have another family to take care of?’

‘Withholding checks now does not take into account the unprecedented circumstances in which we’re living.’

My son is staying with me, yet my financially irresponsible ex-husband received his $500 stimulus check. Is my ex right to keep it?

The combination of ethics, divorce agreements, the law and the IRS leads to a long and winding road filled with pot holes, sharp turns and speed bumps.

‘Speaking causes airborne virus transmission’: Coronavirus study says droplets caused by talking can last 8-14 minutes

New peer-reviewed research gives more insight into COVID-19’s rapid contagion.

Mozart is the new Kanye — and other surprising book, movie and music trends during the age of coronavirus

While live concerts, movie releases are on hold amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans are ditching mainstream sources of entertainment for timeless classics.

35% of Americans say they’re making impulse buys to cope with coronavirus stress — ‘It is part of self-care in a weird way’

‘When this pandemic ends and you’re $10,000 in debt, it’s going to be a real wake up call.’

‘All the days are blurring together’: How to battle burnout and find a healthy work-life balance during the pandemic

‘I, for one, feel burned out by constant Zoom meetings all day.’

Mortgage rates stabilize near record lows — but rates could fall lower this year

The trajectory of interest rates will depend on how the U.S. economy rebounds from the coronavirus pandemic.

Walt Disney World will start to reopen on May 20 — get ready for empty seats on Space Mountain and NO hugs from Cinderella

Shanghai Disneyland welcomed visitors again on May 11, and the shopping area at Orlando’s Walt Disney World will reopen May 20 as part of a phased reopening at the theme park complex.

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Almost half of workers who lost job due to Covid-19 are ‘finding it difficult to get by,’ Fed survey says

Almost half of the Americans who lost jobs in the coronavirus pandemic are finding it difficult to get by, Federal Reserve says

States start to reopen after coronavirus lockdowns: More New York counties open Friday, New Jersey beaches reopen for holiday weekend

States all have their own definition of “reopening.”

Trump says he doesn’t want to speak to Xi and is ‘very disappointed’ with China’s coronavirus response

President Donald Trump says he’s disappointed with China over its response to the coronavirus pandemic and that he doesn’t want to speak with the country’s president as investors fret over the state of the trade relationship.

House set to allow members to vote without being physically present

The House of Representatives is poised to allow members to vote without being physically present on the floor of the chamber.

Bill Gates offers up an idea to help fight the coronavirus pandemic — and AOC fires back with a snarky response

Teddy Schleifer on Wednesday tweeted out a link to his story on Recode about how Bill Gates is working to convince his fellow billionaires to donate more in the battle against coronavirus. Then Ocasio-Cortez chimed in.

Bank of America sells a first-of-a-kind COVID-19 bond

Bank of America is the first global commercial bank to sell a corporate bond with the specific purpose of financing the health care industry’s battle with the pandemic.

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